Three Weeks In

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Next week will mark the beginning of my second month of my no-fun diet. It’s been an up and down start, which comes as no real surprise. Strangely, I was feeling a lot better last week than I have been this week. Perhaps that’s a result of having regularly indulged all this week in a dessert treat of–woohoo!–sliced apples and almond butter, which I rationalized after reading a persuasive candida blog that encouraged NOT eliminating fruit, saying that you should eliminate table sugar, yes, but that you should not eliminate sugar (in the form of fruit or honey) completely because

“a sugar free diet will elevate stress hormones, which exhausts the adrenals, reduces thyroid hormones, and taxes the body.”

Is this true? I have no fucking idea. Of course I immediately bought in, and began my apple-almond butter dessert extravaganza. But because I have been experiencing some ill effects this week (fatigue, sinus, depression), I may have to go back to being hardcore. On the other hand, my problems of late may also have been caused by the consumption of grains. Because on another blog, I read that certain grains like quinoa are okay and so I ate quinoa a couple of times this week. But lo and behold, the lady who says eating fruit is okay, says that all grains are bad.

“In most cases, it requires a grain free diet to heal and seal the gut lining.”

Sheesh! So I guess I’m going to have to figure this out for myself, mostly by trial and error. Trying to sift through the wildly divergent info on the web is pretty much hopeless. It can’t be done. At least not by me. Who knew that there were so many different theories and ideas out there about candida?

Other than these two glitches, however–grains and fruit–I’d say I’ve done remarkably well. I haven’t eaten anything that I’m not supposed to–which is to say almost everything–and I haven’t been a monster around the house. No point in complaining because I am going to do this.

Going by my experience from the last time I did this, I still have a couple of months to go before I begin to see real and meaningful results. If they come any sooner, I’ll consider myself lucky. But either way, I’m in this for the long haul.

By Peter Alson

Peter Alson is a writer and editor. Among his published books are the memoirs Confessions of an Ivy League Bookie and Take Me to the River. He's also co-authored (with Nolan Dalla) One of a Kind, a biography of poker champion Stuey Ungar, and Atlas, the autobiography of boxing trainer and commentator Teddy Atlas. His articles have appeared in many national magazines, including Esquire, Playboy and The New York Times. He has worked as a writer for People magazine, and as an editor for Playboy and for Hachette Publications. He has written screenplays for Paramount and various independent producers, and his TV pilot, Nicky’s Game, starring John Ventimiglia and Burt Young, appeared in the New York Television Festival and the Vail Film Festival. As a poker player he has finished in the money numerous times in the World Series of Poker and other events. He lives in New York with his wife, Alice, and their daughter, Eden.

One reply on “Three Weeks In”

Wonderful! And good for you, Pete! I am a brother at arms, deep in the depths of a similar nutritional healing journey. And getting there. See you on the other side!


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