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Of Dolls, Dollars and Sense

Boxing Day, we took Eden to the American Girl store near Rockefeller Center. This was, on the surface, only a good idea if your idea of good is a line out the door, an angry scrum of parents and kids, … Continue reading

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Harvard beats Brady

Two things. The first is that when I was a kid I watched the famous Harvard-Yale 29-29 tie, a game that Harvard trailed by 16 points with two minutes to go. It was a miracle comeback so unlikely that it inspired me to … Continue reading

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Christmas Gold and Lumps of Coal

Here’s the best and the worst of New York sports this past year. Gold Harvey, Syndergaard, Matz and DeGrom Kristaps Porzingis   Odell Beckham Jr.   Coal The Wilpons James Dolan Odell Beckham Jr.  

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We the Sheeple

  I told myself that I wasn’t going to write any more about politics unless I felt like what I had to say wasn’t being said elsewhere. The truth is I don’t know if this is being said elsewhere, but … Continue reading

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Honor Thy Mentor

  In 1961, Gay Talese flew out to California on Esquire’s dime to write a story about Frank Sinatra. Talese’s editor Harold Hayes assured Talese that strings had been pulled and he would have exclusive access to the notoriously private Sinatra (who at that moment … Continue reading

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Jewish Christmas

  Aside from the usual holiday pressures and obligations, most of them involving some form of gotta buy—gotta buy presents, gotta buy Chanukah candles, gotta buy a tree (yep, that’s what happens when you marry a shiksa)–there’s also been the dawning … Continue reading

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  I’ve been on a bad run at poker for the last month. So bad, actually, that it nearly wiped out my profits from a terrific September and October, and prompted me to take a break. In part, it’s just poker. … Continue reading

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