Brooklyn in the House!



It’s been ten days since my last post here. I think the winter doldrums have got me down. I’m still not feeling especially inspired, but I thought I might just throw out some off-the-cuff observations about last night’s New Hampshire primary.

I still don’t know how I feel about Bernie. We’re so conditioned to believe that politics is a dirty game that we worry that the guy who’s playing it straight is a sucker bet.

Admit it. Aren’t you afraid that we’re being set up? Have you not pictured the Republicans rubbing their hands together and saying, “Can you believe it’s working? We may actually get the Dems to nominate a socialist?”

How deep in the bag for Clinton is the Times? Bernie stomped Clinton’s ass in New Hampshire and instead of giving him credit, the Times’ headline was “Bernie Sanders defeated Hillary Clinton in a state where he has long held an advantage.” Whaaaat? It actually wasn’t that long ago that Sanders was down 44 points in New Hampshire, a state btw that Clinton won in 2008.

Did anyone see the footage of Sanders playing hoops just before he gave his victory speech?  The old bastard can ball. The Fox commentators killed me. “Is this like some kind of a joke?” Meghan Kelly said. “How’s he doing that? He’s making every one.” “He’s from Brooklyn,” Bret Baier responded.

Btw, I predicted that John Kasich would finish second in New Hampshire. If you don’t believe me, ask my wife.

My friend Nolan Dalla, who was my inspiration for starting this blog, penned an entry the other day, “I Just Got ‘Push Polled’ by Hillary Clinton’s Nevada Campaign” that has gone viral.

This column? Definitely not going viral.






By Peter Alson

Peter Alson is a writer and editor. Among his published books are the memoirs Confessions of an Ivy League Bookie and Take Me to the River. He's also co-authored (with Nolan Dalla) One of a Kind, a biography of poker champion Stuey Ungar, and Atlas, the autobiography of boxing trainer and commentator Teddy Atlas. His articles have appeared in many national magazines, including Esquire, Playboy and The New York Times. He has worked as a writer for People magazine, and as an editor for Playboy and for Hachette Publications. He has written screenplays for Paramount and various independent producers, and his TV pilot, Nicky’s Game, starring John Ventimiglia and Burt Young, appeared in the New York Television Festival and the Vail Film Festival. As a poker player he has finished in the money numerous times in the World Series of Poker and other events. He lives in New York with his wife, Alice, and their daughter, Eden.

4 replies on “Brooklyn in the House!”

I don’t know that the republicans are rubbing their hands together so much as punching themselves in the face, considering how the primary is going for them…


Yeah, I too worry that Bernie is some sort of house of cards that will gives four (or eight) years of shit. And I also wonder whether I’m ready for a “revolution”? But every time I listen to the guy I agree with what he says. The truth is, we are a country that’s actually ripe for some type of socialism. It’s why it has always been so frightening to some part of our culture. We are a country built on ideology instead of (for the most part) cultural history, so were primed to embrace the new. It’s why we are an advertising Mecca. But, on a gut level, I don’t feel like we’re disgusted enough with the buy-to-feel-meaningful to enact the necessary change. Everyone still wants to be rich!!! This is why I might wind up voting for Hillary.


Sure everyone still wants to be rich–but we’re never going to get that kind of rich under Hillary, Donald or even King Midas. Bernie’s not going to keep us from going up, only from going down. But I do agree that we may not be disgusted enough. Certainly not for a violent revolution. But maybe for a peaceful one?


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