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Peter Alson is a writer and editor. Among his published books are the memoirs Confessions of an Ivy League Bookie and Take Me to the River. He's also co-authored (with Nolan Dalla) One of a Kind, a biography of poker champion Stuey Ungar, and Atlas, the autobiography of boxing trainer and commentator Teddy Atlas. His articles have appeared in many national magazines, including Esquire, Playboy and The New York Times. He has worked as a writer for People magazine, and as an editor for Playboy and for Hachette Publications. He has written screenplays for Paramount and various independent producers, and his TV pilot, Nicky’s Game, starring John Ventimiglia and Burt Young, appeared in the New York Television Festival and the Vail Film Festival. As a poker player he has finished in the money numerous times in the World Series of Poker and other events. He lives in New York with his wife, Alice, and their daughter, Eden.

Cashless Part Two

An interesting follow up to my last entry on the dangers of going cashless: A few days ago, I went to a Sweetgreen, the fast-food salad place. As I took out cash to pay for my order, I was informed … Continue reading

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The Dangers of Going Cashless

A few weeks ago, I bought my wife a Valentine’s Day gift at a neighborhood store called Huckberry.  I’d been planning to pay in cash, since my poker bankroll was flush from a good week at the tables, but when … Continue reading

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Let’s Call It What It Is

  It’s been months since I’ve written here. I think I’ve been drowning, as so many of us have, in the constant storm of news that each day brings some new horror. School shootings. Voter suppression. Natural disasters caused by … Continue reading

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Got Your Back

Sixteen years ago, I tweaked my back moving a couch into the apartment I’d just rented on Second Place in Carroll Gardens. Alice and I were in an “off” phase in our on-and-off relationship, trying to figure things out, not … Continue reading

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Who is Rich?

I’m not in the habit of shilling for friends, but please do yourself a favor and go read my buddy Matt Klam’s long-awaited (by those in the know) first novel, Who is Rich? Don’t get me wrong. I love to support my … Continue reading

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Why I’ll Probably be Blogging More

The last time I sat down to write an entry here, I was certain that I was revving up again and would be penning one of these entries on a regular and ongoing basis. However, that was before the first … Continue reading

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What’s going to happen to us?

  People are getting ill and dying. Friends of mine. They’re having strokes, succumbing to cancer, developing bad stomachs, having trouble sleeping. Sure, we’re all getting older. This stuff happens. But not at the rate at which it seems, in … Continue reading

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In Search of Lost Time

For the first time in a year, I have some time on my hands. Such a funny phrase that. I have actually had 62 years of time on my hands. But I guess what I mean to say is free … Continue reading

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It’s been months since my last entry here and a lot has happened in that time. I finished my novel, for one thing. But the other thing is that my dad died. He took a fall back in July and broke … Continue reading

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You. Complete Me

  Back in January I wrote that I thought I would be able to finish my novel by putting in a solid month of work. I suppose the general rule of thumb is that you need to take an estimate … Continue reading

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